IZAPO WARM Arabic pipe tobacco is 100% pure, additive free tobacco. Around for many decades, the "IZAPO WARM" is original tender Arabic Tobacco.

IZAPO WARM is a type of Arabic pipe tobacco that has been smoked in the Middle Eastern Countries for over 500 years.

IZAPO WARM is not fire cured and cut, but dried in the arid desert region from which it came. Its strength, freshness and pure flavor.

It is extremely invigorating form of pure tobacco available in various grades. A number of herbs, spices, dried flowers and fruit are mixed with the tobacco to better the taste and aroma.

IZAPO WARM is smoked out of a small pipe often made from various different types of wood and in some cases bone. These Pipes have a replaceable filter on the end which only enhances the already clean smoke of the Arabic pipe tobacco making it a must try for an alternative to other types of tobaccos.


  • It is an Arabic tobacco product grown and manufactured without any harmful chemical additives.
  • Smoking Arabic tobacco is less damaging to health, especially when compared to other tobacco products. This is because it only gives you three to four puffs a few times a day, while cigarettes and other products require more inhalation.
  • Greater satisfaction from that much-needed buzz from the three to four puffs that IZAPO WARM provides. This will help you greatly in avoiding over smoking.
  • IZAPO WARM does not leave a strong smell of tobacco on your mouth or clothes. The smoke does not stick to fabrics or skin. You can smoke IZAPO WARM without being discovered by other people if you're uncomfortable about others knowing about your vice.

To enjoy the unique smoking experience that IZAPO WARM Arabic pipe tobacco provides, make sure you choose a IZAPO brand that is known for guaranteeing satisfaction. Also, make sure the brand carries your favorite IZAPO WARM blend and strength of choice.